I’m not sure exactly when my passion for the arts began; it was actually too early for me to remember.

What I do know is that I’ve always been creative. Even as a child, my free time was spent compulsively drawing and doodling—a habit that continues to this day.

My obsession with tattoos and piercings began at only 12 years old, when I began hanging out on the streets of downtown Toronto. I loved the people watching—studying the tattooed Queen St. crowd of the late 90’s with utter fascination.

Unknowingly, these people would come to inspire my lifelong passion, and cause me to fall in love with this art.

And it was not only the artwork itself that I found so intriguing, but also the permanent nature of it.


By the time I was 15 years old, I knew that tattooing was something I needed to explore. So I bought my first tattoo kit.

When I reached age 17, I found a tattoo studio to take me in, where I began my apprenticeship. There I learned the essential fundamentals involved with being a professional tattoo artist. I learned how a shop is run, proper health and safety procedures, and the important ethical codes of conduct involved with tattooing.

Then, after my year of apprenticeship, the shop closed down.

Without a shop to call home, I relentlessly continued on my own. I tattooed my friends, friends of friends, and anyone else willing to let me practice.

In 2010 I found a new shop, and continued my role as an apprentice. Eventually, I began tattooing professionally.

4 years later, I moved to my new home at The Ace and Sword Tattoo Parlour—where I’ve been since 2014.


During my first years of tattooing, I was also attending OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) in downtown Toronto. I majored in drawing and painting, and graduated with a BA.

Although tattooing was the career path I was already on, I still felt that a formal education was important.

I’m really thankful for this education, and although it was a lot of work, I’m so glad I did it. The training I received at OCAD really had a significant impact on the tattoo artist I am today. It helped me hone my artistic skills, and gave me an important foundation.

That being said, most of my training as a tattoo artist was actually self-directed.

Being largely self-taught, I have spent years relentlessly studying other artists. At the same time, I travelled to seminars to further develop my tattooing skills. For me, learning is not something that ever ends, and I continually strive to improve.


I have now been tattooing professionally since 2012. My focus is on black and grey photo-realistic tattoos, my favorite subject matter being portraits—specifically pop culture icons, artists, and musicians.

But my capabilities go far beyond that.

I feel very fortunate to have a career doing something I truly love. And it’s not just a love for the artwork itself, but for the great satisfaction of watching people walk away with a piece of art they are proud to show to world.


Although I am based out of Toronto and cater primarily to local clientele, my dream is to share my passion and my craft with tattoo enthusiasts across the country.

My ultimate goal is to travel, attend conventions, and do guest spots at some of the great shops across Canada.